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Last week I hosted a webinar (watch replay here) focused on the Growth BluePrint framework we use to assess and drive up sales performance. After the event one attendee sent an email with a question.

“I really enjoyed the webinar, thanks for taking the time to do it. I am looking now at how we need to change things in [Co]

I love the blueprint and can see how these elements all work together.

But where should I start?” 

This is a really interesting question and I thought it might also be something others are wondering too. So, I thought I would post part of my response. Here goes…

“Thanks [name] for your message. A great question and here’s my thoughts in three simple steps:

First > You need to think about the areas where you don’t feel your company is performing well enough – where your competitors are doing better than you or you have internal issues related to the productivity, motivation and results. To get some help to identify which of the 18 elements might benefit you most, take 5 minutes over a coffee (or a cool beer) to complete the BluePrint Assessment.

Then > On completion we automatically score your company performance against the 18 modules. We email you immediately a more detailed report. This will provide you with a starting point from which to identify those areas with lowest scores. Consider if they are relevant to your business (maybe not everything, but the vast majority will be). You can then think harder about where improvement might help most help.

Finally > Give us a call – we’ll see your assessment come in and have a closer look at your responses. If we spot anything we will be in touch anyway to share this with you. 

There is a longer answer, and it involves more detailed assessment across stakeholders in your business. If you would like to discuss this in more detail set up a time to talk further.”

I hope this helps others who might have been thinking the same thing.


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