What do high Performance sales & marketing organisations do that others don’t? We asked ourself the same and set about researching this questions.

Recently we undertook a benchmark study, contacting over 100 people in B2B sales organisations. What they said confirmed the deep seated beliefs and values that we at outside in hold true. The headlines of what was distinctive about high performers (green line) relative to the rest (red line) can be summarised by the points below:

  • they have clearly defined target customer groups
  • they systematically collect and act on customer feedback
  • they really know what customers value about the things they do
  • they have a structured approach to customer facing activity
  • they have a clearly understood process to manage sales & marketing
  • they all have a strong desire to improve and do better
  • they incentivise channel partners
  • they focus people development around the individual

We would be happy to discuss further with you the results if you get in touch. I suppose much of this is common sense. Then again, we dont always do things we know we need to.

Time for reflection, are you doing all the right things right?

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