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We held a great webinar recently – focused on helping sales people and sales managers to deliver a more successful 2017. I lay out a simple 5 point plan to spring clean your pipeline to set yourself up for success this year.

I know how easy it is to keep ploughing on in the old same way and getting the same old results – the question is are these results good enough? For some the results will be enough to hit your number, but for the 43% of b2b sales people who didn’t deliver their quota in 2015 (CSO Insights, 2016) I guess this is a different story. For them the following is likely true:

  1. Opportunities fail to close
  2. Opportunities are lost
  3. Opportunities slip into the next financial year
  4. Customers don’t really engage with you
  5. Etc, etc

Make a change

But what if you spent twenty three minutes to understand how you could get better results by making a few simple changes? If this could give you more time, better results, and allow you to lift your head for a coffee break would it be worth a little of your time? Yes – read on!

View the webinar recording “How to spring clean your pipeline for a more successful 2017”

  • Understand why it’s harder to hit target and what you can do to focus
  • Why over a quarter of B opportunities never happen at all
  • Why deal slippage happens

Learn to adopt the mindset of the best performers, being ruthless about where to invest effort

Good luck and good selling!

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