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Over the past months we have been reflecting on our own value proposition at Outside In, looking to capture the essence of what we do every day for our customers.

It’s important. We did this to help bring clarity to the teams’ activities, and to make it easier for our customers and prospective customers to see how we can help them succeed.

Sound familiar?

If you’re doing a similar exercise right now you might well be finding it hard to nail it down. Perhaps you’re struggling to build consensus in your team, bringing together divergent views and ideas into something you can agree on?

I can tell you it has been a journey for us too,  after all it’s not easy to balance the facts of what Outside In does with a need to connect with our target customer in simple and easily understood terms. We offer a broad range of services and products to our customers, and this made the process of crystallising things more challenging.

So we spoke to customers and prospects. Lots of them. We explored their views of what we really did, what value we offered and how we helped them to succeed. We listened intently to their feedback.

Why does Outside in exist?

One thing stood out for us regarding the question of why we exist. A common theme emerged from discussions on how we help our b2b customers > we help them to find ‘A better way of selling‘.

We help them to change, to improve how they do ‘stuff’ related to sales and marketing performance.  We typically work with mid-sized companies (this includes mid-sized departments within enterprises who have control of their own destiny) and we found that they have some common challenges when it comes to growth.

  • They need to better ENGAGE with employees and customers; to be relevant, timely and insightful to help them perform better and to find new opportunities for growth.
  • They want to COMPETE more effectively; in markets that are increasingly competitive and where buyers have greater power it is important that they build competitive advantage. They need to win more often.
  • They want to have greater CONTROL of their activities; being more predictable is high on the list of desires, using technology, tools and disciplined process to bring more consistency to the business.

Ultimately sales and marketing have a common goal, to increase profitable revenue growth. With a need to work together they need to span an increasingly multi-channel engagement across marketing (early in the buying process) and (later) sales.

There was other stuff too. But we found that the question of Why Outside In exists is covered here. It became the basis of our value proposition and this will guide our future activity.

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