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The Value Builder Canvas for value based selling.

The competitive intensity of B2B markets is increasing, companies must respond to be amongst the winners in their industry. Customers are rationalising suppliers and engaging later in their buying cycle for commodity items. Are you ready to differentiate on value not price?

Sales people are looking for help. They need insights to inform customer conversations, relevant help for effective discovery and a structured approach to present value and differentiate their offer. 

Marketing, commercial and sales enablement teams must support the front line sales teams. Using The Value Builder Canvas as a common framework,  work together and deliver a more joined up buyer experience. 

Are you competitive, or do you need a better way of selling? 

Are you ready to differentiate on value?

In 15 questions The Value Builder Canvas – Quick Assessment will help you to assess your company’s readiness for differentiating on value not price.

15 questions | 3 minutes | Company % Score 

Connected components of our Value Builder Canvas approach.

Value Builder Canvas specific assessments

Are you ready to differentiate on value not price? Use an assessment to understand where to focus.

Re-usable canvas templates and guidance

A comprehensive set of structured Canvas templates to guide value selling messages and activities.

Facilitated enablement workshops

Involve sales, marketing and sales enablement teams in building and practising the use of Canvas.

Aligned with DealSheet to embed into BAU

Capture information in to DealSheet for consistency of adoption and valuable insights for managers.

To talk about how The Value Builder Canvas can improve your engagement.

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