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US technology company sees DealSheet as “essential”

“A fantastic addition to our sales processes!”

“We rolled out DealSheet to our global sales team around 6 months ago, and it is now a key component in our sales management process.

I was responsible for the set up and customization of DealSheet and this was really simple to do, ensuring that we tailored the application to our specific needs.

Outside In were with us every step of the way, from best in class training through to helping me develop some really useful DealSheet based dashboards and reports for the sales community. We now use these as a basis of our reviews and adoption is on the up. The team definitely went above and beyond to support us with all of our needs and DealSheet is a positive addition to the sales team.”

(Sales Operation, August 2016)

“Dealsheet is a structured sales management tool that should be integral to a company’s sales process!

We have integrated DealSheet into our sales qualification and management processes across our global organisation and it has fast become as essential tool in everyday conversations.

Brilliantly simple to use but comprehensive enough to provide the clarity behind each sales opportunity throughout the sales life cycle, helping to highlight areas requiring further investment, focus and those that should be strengthen to help win the deal.

As the global standard, DealSheet enables the sales community to hold informative conversations with peers and customers in a consistent language thereby eliminating any confusion in the sales strategy.

From a Sales Leaders’ perspective the DealSheet dashboard functionality gives me a quick look window to my teams’ sales priorities, those that need further support and those that require re-qualification. I now use this in all my sales reviews.

A fantastic addition to our sales processes!”

(Sales Leader, August 2016)

“I was surprised how simple it was to use and the assessment structure helped me to think through all the key areas required to make better decisions.

I have been actively working with DealSheet for the last 6 months and it has really helped me to understand where I am with each opportunity. We were not using any automated qualification tool before and so it was badly needed.

DealSheet helped me to explain the opportunity and where we are with it at any given time. This simplifies conversations with colleagues and Sales Management. It enables me to develop opportunities and identify what we don’t know about the deal. As a result we make better, more informed decisions on when to qualify deals out and when to pursue.

We have started to use it on deals as the time spent on this tool saves time in the overall sale and wasted opportunities. A great benefit for any sales team.

(Global Account Director, August 2016)

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