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UK Comms reseller gets more control with DealSheet

“I have a much better grip of the pipeline now. My team found this easy to use and it has really helped me to focus our efforts on those we have a chance of winning”

Director of Sales

DealSheet helped the team to qualify out potential time-wasting deals.

Using the customised questions for their specific company it was possible to better qualify each opportunity in the pipeline. This reduced the number of deals resources were invested in to and improved win rates by 31%.

The director of sales had the detailed status of each opportunity available and this reduced the number of calls he had to make every week ‘just to get an update’ on key deals.



DealSheet for the direct sales team was used to provide some structure.

Following a 1 hour orientation session the sales team understood how to use the application inside Microsoft CRM

The sales management team added ‘deep dive’ deal reviews for top deals into the regular monthly review cycle, looking in detail for each deal and using DealSheet as the structure for this discussion.

Reports were set up to provide more detailed views of the opportunities in the pipeline


A UK communications reseller worked extensively with mid market and corporate clients and they wanted to regain control of the sales process.

Following a period of good growth the company found that they were losing more of the deals in the pipeline and they were not sure why. They wanted to get a better handle on the pipeline.


“I have a much better grip of the pipeline now.”

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