keep-calm-and-stay-relevantB2B buyers have more choice than ever: a choice of projects they can progress; possible solutions for each project; and suppliers who can meet their requirements. Whilst this is difficult for sellers, it is also daunting for a buyer, especially in complex procurements.

A recent research study*, looked at what buyers wanted from b2b sales reps.

Two things stood out in the findings.

  1. Buyers want sales people to be relevant. Defined as being ‘connected to the matter in hand”, buyers want sellers to be connected with their business challenges, drivers and needs. They want you to use this intelligence to develop solutions that help them to improve performance.
  2. Buyers want to be educated. They want sellers to educate them about the market, trends they need to be aware of and key areas where they could gain competitive advantage. They want sellers to share their know-how, insights that help buyers to see clearly how to create value using your solutions.

Are you giving your customers relevant insights? Are you showing how your solutions impact their key performance indicators or just talking about your (great) product?

Start today focusing on your customer and show how your offer improves value in their terms.

Good selling.

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*The research study was completed in late 2015 by a project team at Sheffield Hallam University, completing this as part of their Masters degree in Marketing.

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