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Satellite Services company controls growing pains with DealSheet

“DealSheet takes the art of selling and creates objective and measurable metrics.”

“DealSheet takes the art of selling and creates objective and measurable metrics which allow me as a sales leader to improve sales performance.

The biggest impact of using DealSheet at TrustComm is that it gives us measurable data on our sales pipeline. This in turn has led to increased confidence in our sales forecast”.

Michael Abad Santos, Chief Commercial Officer of Trustcomm Inc

Forecasting accuracy has improved significantly as a result of using DealSheet in TrustComm’s business processes.

Insight from DealSheet pipeline reporting is central to the leadership teams regular business performance reviews.

The sales team now qualify opportunities in the pipeline better and faster than they did before, this has reduced wasted effort and cost.

With greater focus the team spend more time engaging with customers on opportunities where they are best placed to win.

Sales reviews are more effective too, as they now follow a consistent    structure that everyone understands.

It is now deeply ingrained into the “sales language” across the company.

“The managers look at the DealSheet data and decide which opportunities are more likely to close. Excellent tool for realistic forecasting!

DealSheet not only helps ask the correct questions, it’s a strong forecasting tool! It has been used by some of our sales team in the past and they are really enjoying the newest version. It allows the sales team to make certain they are talking to the decision makers. They are using a scientific (or measurable) approach verses a subjective approach to gauge where they are in an opportunity. This allows for a strong forecasting model.”

(DealSheet user, August 2016)

Trustcomm wanted to improve sales performance, deploying DealSheet as an integrated solution into Salesforce CRM.

Following quick-start orientation and training the team were ready to go, using DealSheet at the core of a new approach to opportunity management. “We found DealSheet to be very easy to implement, and this new way of working was both straightforward and well received by our sales staff” said Michael Abad Santos, Chief Commercial Officer.

DealSheet was at the centre of the process for qualifying, managing and reviewing sales opportunities. Establishing a set of guidance, processes and measures around the DealSheet application provided TrustComm with a more disciplined approach to sales management.

They deployed integrated selling teams, combining business development with business leaders, and used DealSheet to plan out win strategy and stakeholder engagement.

Forecasting changed too. With more structure to deal assessments, and measureable data for every opportunity in the pipeline, Trustcomm were better informed. DealSheet’s in-built Quadrant analysis, provided leaders with a simple way to make the right choices on where to commit and where to exclude deals from the company forecast.


TrustComm Inc. are a fast growing satellite services business based in Stafford, VA.

Serving the international requirements of US Government (including DoD) and commercial markets (principally oil and gas), they have teleports and regional offices in Houston, Cyprus and the UK.

Doubling in size over the last 18 months to almost 60 people has helped to deliver spectacular results, but it has also brought with it some growing pains. Particularly challenges related to controlling sales team performance as they strive for further growth.

With the introduction of new commercial leadership, TrustComm identified potential improvements and sought a solution to help them.

How could they better control deals that were slipping or not moving? Without an assessment of the current “health” of each opportunity the executive team were finding it hard to forecast accurately and confidently.

How could they be more effective in the way they deployed resources? Sales people and executives were travelling extensively to unqualified customer meetings and this required huge amounts of time and increased their cost of sale.


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