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Selling Tools for Intelligent Enterprises

Intelligent Enterprise sales organisations will be data-rich, using this data to improve productivity and efficiency.


  • Account planning for building customer strategy
  • Opportunity management for qualifying, scoring and winning
  • Call planning for more effective customer meetings
  • Digital content curation, sharing and consumption tracking

They guide sales reps, score situations and help guide reps to the next action.

All of these 100% Salesforce native applications.

Do you want simple tools to enable your Intelligent Enterprise?

Sales Tools enabling Intelligent Enterprises

Guide sales team effectiveness

Improve team collaboration 

Insights from reports and dashboards


Customer retention is the foundation of a growth strategy. AccountPlan helps to bring your team together to collaboratively build winning account strategy in Salesforce. Map relationships, identify opportunity and assess risk in 50% less time than off-line documents.


Sales is about winning but only 20-40% are successfully won. DealSheet brings a consistent qualification and scoring system for deals. Managers use the data points to coach their sales team better, and leaders have insights to better inform forecasting accuracy.


Customer meetings are the most important moments in any sales or account management process. CallPlan guides your sales team so they are prepared to maximise value at these key moments? Managers are armed with the insights they need to coach more effectively.


Enable your sales team to share the right assets, at the right time. Track customer engagement with shared content to accelerate the sales process. Marketing teams get true insights on how sales assets are being used and the ROI for each.


If you have a team of field sales reps, their ability to manage and improve their journey planning is a key enabler of success. TerritoryMap allows teams to more effectively build journey plans in Salesforce. It allows management and operations teams to view data insights on a map.

 +QuickStart as part of the Adoption Accelerator will get users started with the tools.

+ Sales and Sales Manager Enablement workshops, surgeries and content. 

FineTune reviews after  implementation will track and monitor adoption and value. 

Log a support ticket 24/7 for help against a defined service level agreement. 

Detailed insights inform decision making. 


Intelligent Enterprise sales organisations will be data-rich, using this data to improve decision making

Many B2B sales pipelines are of low quality, and poor choices are made about which deals to pursue. This results in wasted sales manager time and inaccurate forecasting. DealSheet adds rich data to every deal to highlight pipeline and forecasting risk. 

Account resourcing assignment is made on gut-feel too often. Use AccountPlan to view a detailed landscape of opportunity across the whole account portfolio.

Meetings are better planned and coached and you see the true value of your marketing assets.

Business leaders need information in order to improve the accuracy of decision making. Our tools provide it, 100% in Salesforce.

A.I. Ready? 

A.I. powered B2B sales is here and Intelligent Enterprises will be at the forefront of the wave. 

Sales operations and enablement teams will use the experience of the past to shape success in the future.

Sales reps will be more productive, accurate and predicatable.  

Salesforce’s MyEinstein Prediction Builder  uses clicks, not code, to build applications for the Intelligent Enterprise.

Our applications are built 100% native in Salesforce, providing triggers and data points that can be used in app building. 

Do you have the base data ready to steal a march on your competition?  

Do you want simple tools to enable your Intelligent Enterprise?

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It’s not just about the software.

How you deploy, embed and enable sales and management teams will have a huge impact on adoption and value realisation.

We work with your operations and technical teams to set up and drive adoption levels. 

We work with sales leaders to encourage the right leadership behaviours to support the changes you seek

We work with your sales teams to help them to understand, apply and embed new ways of working.

We are there to help you succeed.


Do you want simple tools to enable your Intelligent Enterprise?

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