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DealSheet helps a global satellite sales team to focus

“DealSheet simply works for us.”

Sales Operations Director


“I manage the sales operations function for a large UK company with a global reach. DealSheet works for us, bringing rigour to our P-WIN (win probability) and P-GO (opportunity will progress) measurements. It’s the main point of sales manager / director dialogue and makes a real difference in focusing on the real opportunities rather than those that will soak up effort, but not deliver in the end.”

The DealSheet Opportunity Management applications was rolled out to support the sales team, providing a structured and consistent assessment process for each opportunity.

The simple interface made it very easy for the team to use for both direct sales opportunities and also in conjunction with partners to jointly plan opportunities worked on together. With a consistent approach they soon began to proactively seek out the information needed to support their plan and reviews were more effective as a result.

The sales strategy guidance helped the sales team to consider the next step for each opportunity and plans were drawn up accordingly.

The sales leadership and sales operations teams were able to have greater levels of insight into each opportunity and when they were reviewed the sales team were better prepared to answer to fundamental questions related to the opportunity. The assessment was more factual than it had been previously and this meant bid/no-bid decisions were more informed, less emotionally driven and taken more often.

Forecasting was less guess-work than it had been previously as decisions about opportunity inclusion in the forecast were based on some known facts about the clients readiness to buy and their competitive situation.


We provided our opportunity management software application, DealSheet for the sales team.

After a simple implementation process it was rolled out to the sales team. Webinar training sessions were set up and they were used to raise team awareness.

Following deployment, DealSheet was used by the sales directors to review the status of each pipeline opportunity and get further insight on issues that might prevent successful closure.

The result was we helped bring Customer Success. DealSheet helped this global satellite sales team to focus


A large UK headquartered satellite communications company was looking to grow; introducing innovative solutions and finding new global markets.

They would compete on value and sales engagements would typically take months of sales effort. Many engagements were with partners who were dealers, distributors and agents for their services; working with them to find and close opportunities together in the marketplace.

The executive team wanted to ensure that the sales team were focused on the right opportunities and develop greater levels of transparency in the reporting processes.

Their challenge was being able to capture what was in the heads of the sales team and make it accessible to the sales management team, enabling better deal coaching.

“DealSheet simply works for us.”

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