As a salesperson you face stiff competition, are you ready?

As a B2B salesperson, selling high value solutions to complex customer requirements, you are your company’s growth engine.

If you are hunting new business you need to be great at conversations that create and grow opportunities. For account managers you need to demonstrate the value you deliver for your customers and upsell and cross sell on this foundation.

Either way you likely have a lower number of high value deals. You’re facing stiff competition for every one of your opportunities and it’s hard to deal with customer pressure to discount.

With a new approach to selling on value it is possible to stand out in the crowd of product-centric sales people in your industry. Use a more consultative approach to sales to accelerate your deals to win more often.

Problems salespeople face

Salespeople can struggle to retain and grow revenues for their company in their account base. 

How are you preparing yourself to engage customers based on the value you bring, rather than sounding like every other salesperson in your industry?

Not winning new deals

You are finding it hard to stand out in a competitive market and win.

Not growing existing accounts

You have existing customers, but you are struggling with retention or growth levels.

Can't sell remotely

Your sales team now have to sell remotely and are finding it tough to do well and stand out

Solutions for Salespeople

Here are some solutions to your challenges as a salesperson. Many are available for individuals, some are best delivered as a company program.

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