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Transform :  Shorten time-to-value and reduce change risks

Some teams don’t have the experience of successfully managing sales transformation initiatives.

Others know what they want, but lack the skills or resources to implement this vision successfully. 

Following your assessment stage, the next step is to plan, prioritise and deliver change.

This typically addresses multiple parts of your sales and growth strategy. There are few ‘silver-bullet’ point solutions to complex sales questions. 

We are passionate about your success. Can we help you deliver a better way of selling?


How will you overcome resistance to change?

Whatever you do you will involve your sales people, and it is no secret that some people will resist changes. This is a common human response to new ideas and changes to established norms. 

With the right approach you can minimise resistance and get the whole team on board with your planned improvements.

The result is that you can move the needle faster on your desires results.

Do you posses the experience to manage sales transformation risk?

Outside In were able to accelerate our adoption of the core building blocks for sales performance.


Managing Director, UK, G4S

According to the Harvard Business Review and McKinsey & Co research, as many as 70 percent of all change initiatives fail. 

Why? It’s not often a lack of effort, or lack of thought that causes failure. Often projects fail because they are completed in a way that failed to sustain improvements going forward. 

You can reduce the risk of a failed initiative by adding sales transformation experience to your team. Use the ‘hard knocks’ experience of other companies in your situation and learn from their failures and successes. Take experiences to inform your decision making on the sales transformation project. 

Shorten the time it takes you to deliver your improvements, and lower the risk of not landing this initiative first time. Win, win.

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