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Sales Training alone is pointless. We  have all done sales training. Some of you will have done many different flavours of sales training during their long career as a sales professional. We have for sure.

Most courses take a similar format with two or three days in a workshop to learn and practice. We all like to learn and as a forum for knowledge transfer or education these workshops work pretty well. The better ones are more interactive than chalk and talk but when they fail they do so in one area. As 80%+ of the information sales people acquire during training is forgotten within 30 days, how will you embed the learning into business as usual sales activities.

“The more I practice the luckier I get.”

Lets consider sports professionals for a second. Athletes don’t train for the Olympics over two days and then run their race they spend years of dedicated, repeated and planned activity to develop the skills they need (mentally and physically) for that one moment. Golfers spend hours in the driving range and on the course practicing.

The best professionals (including sales professionals) continually hone and practice their skills. This allows them to excel at those peak performance moments, times when the pressure is on and when they need to be at their very best.

This means the repeated and systematic development of skills that will improve ‘muscle memory’ and improve sales performance. For sales people the most used muscle is their brain!

What has this got to do with Deal Sheet you ask?

Lets consider opportunity management related training. Our guess is that many of you have already completed training courses on this topic at some stage in your career. How many of you are putting what you learned into daily practice the things you were taught?

We find that few sales professionals train (practice) to hone their skills despite the profound impact it can have on b2b sales performance. Why? The key reasons we get is that it is just ‘too hard’, ‘difficult’ or ‘time consuming’. There is often a lack of tools and support in the work place to help them to maintain the excitement generated on the course.

This is where we believe Deal Sheet really excels;

  • You dont need a two day course to learn how to use Deal Sheet. The fundamentals are easy to grasp
  • If you would like skills development training we have short, sharp education modules that can help.
  • Our application is so easy to use you can just get on with it, using our tutorials to support you as needed.
  • Through repeated and consistent use of Deal Sheet the principles, skills and actions associated with excellent opportunity management are put into practice daily.
  • For those that need support the Deal Sheet University has plenty of support.
With repeated use the development of key skills can be accelerated; improving the sales capability of individuals, teams and the organisation in general.


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