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Talent Solutions: Improve your selling capability

Training solutions have a role to play in education on new ideas and concepts. Although, without reinforcement and complementary activity, attendees have been shown to forget up to 90% in 30 days.

Blend training with new methods, approaches and coaching can develop and maintain new behaviours.

Sales tools and methodology can provide a springboard for new ways of working, and the right approach to enablement will improve adoption and results. Help sales managers to coach improvement and start to build a sales culture focused on improvement.

We provide a range of live, virtual and online sessions to support your effective transformation. Here’s some Talent specific solutions that might help you.

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Sales managers are your most important change agents. 

Sales management is one of the most challenging roles in any organisation. You have so many roles to play, so much uncertainty to handle and unpredictability to understand – and yet, you are expected to forecast confidently and accurately. 

The best sales managers have a balanced view of their role. Building the culture of the team and managing individual contribution. They have a strategic and tactical awareness for the key activities, measures and skills needed to grow successfully. 

Sadly, too many sales managers are demoting their contribution to administrators rather than managers, leaders and coaches. 

Are your sales managers ready to lead change?


Sales teams are at the front line of customer engagement, it is here where you differentiate your business or lose. 

Those key moments in any sales persons world are often represented by those key meetings, calls and conversations with their customers. Are they adding enough value to progress opportunities through to closure?

There are some key things they need to do well. Be consultative, understand the customers world, articulate value and differentiate you in an amongst the others playing in the same marketplace. Internally they need to manage their accounts and opportunities well, and be ready to make choices on where to invest company resources for the best return.

Are your sales people able to engage on value?


To discuss how our sales talent solutions might help you to improve sales performance

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