Sales Performance Coaching at Software Solutions provider

100% of coached individuals believed that performance coaching had a positive impact on their performance

80% would “definitely” recommend to their colleagues.

Attendee feedback survey post coaching


Coaching helped each person to focus their development and align with the new company priorities.

Every individual was different but each of them were able to show demonstrated and sustained development during the process.

The exit survey results proved the value of the approach for each person.


We provided one on one sales performance coaching for key individuals.

We tailored our Sales Performance Framework specifically to each role and aligned this to support corporate objectives

We used this framework to capture initial 360 degree peer feedback and then over a period of 3-5 months worked one to one with each individual. The focus of the coaching was to develop their individual performance to deliver successfully against strategic priorities.

For many of the coached clients their role was in flux so we had to help them appreciate and adapt their priorities and approach to help embed the transformation process more quickly.

At the close of the sessions another 360 degree review was completed to track improvement.

A £multi-billion services organisation serving UK commercial and public sector clients needed support for key contributors throughout a major transition.

With the risk of dissatisfaction and a drop in productivity that could result from a transformation activity this software business wanted to ensure that some key members of the team remained focused on the right goals.


“100% positive performance impact”

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