Sales ops & enablement teams must help sales improvement stick

When there is pressure to improve how your company sells, this typically lands at your door. 

Sales ops and enablement teams have overlapping responsibilities.

You are responsible for skills development, sales reporting, sales process, tools, training, coaching, playbooks and more. A broad remit but increasingly with a focus on improving sales effectiveness.

At the same time, your sellers want to be guided, coached and supported to help them to hit their numbers.

The most common challenge we see relates to a disconnect between the strategy and the implementation.

How are you creating a joined-up sales ops and enablement strategy for your team?

Inconsistent sales methodology

Are you struggling to grow in a predictable way, or help the team to deliver better performance.

Under performing salespeople

Your sales team or managers are not performing to the level you need. This limits growth.

Can't perform remotely

Your team now have to sell, and managers have to coach, remotely. They are finding it tough.