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Sales managers, how are you preparing your team to compete?

Sales managers are under intense pressure to deliver results –  from above and below. It’s the hardest job in sales.

Job #1 is to get the right team together and ensure they are in the right role, with the right focus. 

Managers who coach new deals, account retention strategies and customer conversations well are rewarded with improved performance. Despite this, only a small proportion of managers coach often enough, citing limited time, low confidence or that they ‘do it already’ are common reasons for this.

The current environment presents a further challenge. With sales teams working remotely, the job of coaching performance is even harder for sales managers. 

We see that the best sales managers are comfortable with the use of data to inform decision making and build a motivating culture grounded in performance improvement and feedback.

As a manager do you have an effective sales management process in place today?

Build the right team, they will fuel your success.

As a sales leader, you must build the talent in your team to deliver your message to customers. Average performers can be made great by effective sales coaching and a solid message

Underperforming sales team

Your sales team or managers are not performing to the level you need to grow.

Managers struggling to coach

Your sales managers lack the time, focus or know-how to coach team performance.

Solutions for Sales Managers

Here are some solutions to challenges faced by sales managers. Some are available for individuals, many are best delivered as a company-wide program.

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