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How will you understand, coach and develop a better performing sales team?

B2B selling for many complex industries is not yet done by AI Bots in 2020. Sales people  still need to engage with buyers and create competitive advantage for your company. 

People remain your most expensive, most effective and most important selling asset and improving the performance of the sales team is a key lever for growthPoorly done though and they become a costly overhead who damage your reputation. 

Sales is often driven by the intuition of the managers. Add the science of selling to manager intuition throughout the talent management process, and you can build a more successful team.

A detailed Sales Force Evaluation is not a personality test, but sales-specific, actionable insights (or they are free) that you can use to understand and improve performance. Use it to identify and solve the right performance problems in your team. 

Powerful coaching interventions, powered by AI insights, will develop weaknesses and raise the bar on sales performance. 

Do you want to address those people related issues that are holding you back from growth and success?



of sales people failed to hit their sales target in 2018 *1


of sales people who are not trainable or coachable *2


of sales managers who should not be sales managers *2


of companies are happy with the quality of their sales coaching *3


of sales managers spend over 25% of their time coaching *2

*1  CSO Insights 2019      *2  Objective Management Group      *3    Outside In, 2018


A bit of science takes the guesswork out of your talent strategy

Selling model & re-orgs

Sales specific evaluations that scientifically measures 21 key selling capabilities in your sales team. Role specific evaluations guarantees actionable results so you can place the right sales people in the right roles.

Recruit A-players, avoid poor hires

Accurate and predictive candidate assessments will lower risks and costs of poor hires. Set your recruitment bar high, filter out poor sellers and bring on great people to take your growth to the next level.

Faster onboarding

At 9.2 month average to reach expected productivity and an 18 month average sales rep tenure, it’s important to shorten onboarding time. Managers armed with data are better supported to coach and develop sellers.

Coaching & sales management

Give sales managers and leaders the analysis they need to effectively coach performance in their team. Manager evaluations will focus leadership development. All using specific role competencies proven to measure success.

L&D Strategy for sales

Where do you invest limited L&D budgets for most impact? A sales force evaluation measures key selling weaknesses for your L&D plan. Coaching solutions reinforce and improve key development areas.

Our Partnership with Objective Management Group means this is low risk.

Sales and sales management evaluations over 29 years

New Hires who have completed a predictive candidate assessment


Recommended hires reaching top half performer in 12 months


Candidates 'Not Recommended' but hired who fail in 6 months

To discuss how science can improve your sales performance

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