We  did some research into Sales performance in 2010. Particularly into what the best performers did that the rest did not. It was clear that high performing sales organisations outperform the rest in a number of aspects in the sales process. Not least the ability to have a disciplined approach to sales.

Our research showed that they are in fact TWICE AS GOOD * in a number of key areas:

  • A structured approach to account planning – using structured planning to create opportunities with their chosen accounts
  • A disciplined approach to choosing the bids they go after – selecting on fact not emotion
  • An effective sales management process – clear approach to managing the sales process and reviews
Aberdeen Group research in 2011 supports our findings with similar results. They found that 58% of best in class companies used a structured sales methodology in their approach to selling and 70% of these integrated their approach into their CRM approach to improve the sales management process.
It would appear that there remains some room for improvement in many B2B sales organisations. This is where we believe our Deal Sheet app can can help sales leaders who use salesforce to close the performance gap they seek. As a fully integrated and disciplined approach to managing opportunities it provides a clear structure for effective review.


*Twice in broad terms as the high performers scored roughly double that of the rest (within a tolerance of a few %)





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