SalesCoach Questioning

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In this course, we look deeper into questioning and listening skills for sales coaches.

The 5 point questioning model can be used by sales coaches to understand more thoroughly their coachees.

Learn how to plan effective questions, and then listen actively to responses in order to understand and build awareness.

Learn how to approach every coaching engagement with more structure and confidence.

Throughout the course, we step through proven methods to run an effective coaching session.

This pragmatic course is for sales managers who want to be effective sales coaches. It offers ideas, skills and ultimately helps you build confidence to apply the learning tomorrow in what you do.

At the end of the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion.


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This course includes the following modules. 

  1. SalesCoach Questioning workbook
  2. Guide: Effective sales coaching question examples
  3. SalesCoach Questioning Introduction
  4. Active Listening for coaches
  5. Questions for sales coaches


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