SalesCoach Standards

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To be a good SalesCoach, it is vital that you have clear standards of performance. 

This short course explores the setting of performance standards for sales roles in your team.

Learn how the key elements of a sales performance scorecard can be used to guide and track improvement.

This course is part of the SalesCoach Series. This is a pragmatic series of courses for managers who want to be effective sales coaches, and it will give you the ideas, skills and confidence to apply learnings right now.

Together they cover the key success factors associated with coaching sales performance.

At the end of the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion.


To get the maximum benefit from this course, you should start with SalesCoach Foundations beforehand.



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This course includes the following modules. 

  1. SalesCoach Standards workbook
  2. Welcome to SalesCoach Standards
  3. Why performance standards are essential for coaching success
  4. Building a sales coaching scorecard
  5. Documenting performance standards for your group


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