Sales Manager Coaching Program

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Where your sales team is underperforming, sales coaching is a key skill that can help you to develop and improve the performance of every person in your team. 

Can you answer these questions?

  • Do you have easy access to insights about your sales team’s sales conversations with customers?
  • Are they performing as you need throughout the value selling process?
  • Do you have the process and confidence to coach them and establish a culture of improvement?

This is a 3 month long coaching program for a sales manager with a team of upto 10 sales people*, who wants to improve the quality of their sales team’s conversations.

Over an initial 3 month program, you get access to a number of our most popular services, focused on helping to you coach and improve the quality of your team’s b2b sales conversations.

Have call insights at your fingertips: Use tools for your team of up to 10 people to capture the sales conversations they are having with their customers

Learn how to coach their conversations consistently using our proven 7-step approach for call coaching.

Get the tools and personal coaching you need to improve your coaching skills:

  • One 60 minute launch call to kick start
  • Conversation coach access for 3 months for 10 users*. Use this to easily capture and analyse your team’s sales conversations.
  • Two 45 minute sales manager coaching sessions/month
  • Includes access to eLearning for your team of upto 10 people* – Managing and winning opportunities
  • Includes access to eLearning for one manager – Call coaching for managers

Taken separately – services valued at more than £5,000

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