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Control the activities related to finding, retaining and growing mutual value

Sales today is a data driven process that requires discipline, focus and efficiency. To find new customers, manage key accounts and stay on top of the selling process requires that you make choices. Decisions about where to invest resources should be informed by reliable information and the right choice of tools can help with this.


New customers

With effective account and opportunity management process you can create new opportunities and close more successfully.

Wallet share

When it is more costly to acquire new customers, by maximising customer retention and cross selling you fuel your growth engine.


Sales operations to support a more capable sales management process will provide the insights you need for better decision making and growth.

DealSheet is easy to use day to day for the sales team, helping us to understand clearly where we are with our deals.

Sales Director, Software and Services

It makes a real difference in focusing on the real opportunities rather than those that will soak up effort.

Director of operations, Global communications.

BluePrint modules

Sales process

A sales process that makes selling faster, easier and painless for you and your customers is an essential part of any growth ambition. Get this right and unlock productivity gains that will improve the return on investments in sales and marketing.

Opportunity management

Managing and winning opportunities is the #1 purpose for your sales and marketing team. Everything else you do is focused on finding and winning opportunities to fuel growth. If you do it right you will win more, win faster and more predictably.

Sales management

Great sales management is critical to growth. They inspire, develop and manage individual and team performance. Sales managers heighten employee engagement, improve business predictability and raise the executive team’s confidence in the sales team.

Account management

It’s much harder to find a new customer than it is to keep and grow a customer you already have. Managing the engagement with your customers in a timely, focused and relevant manner will improve retention rates, help you cross and up sell and ultimately increase the lifetime value of each customer and therefore growth.

Customer experience management

Loyal customers will value what you do for them and stay with you for longer. More repeat purchases will increase the lifetime value of each customer for your business and provide a foundation for growth.

Strategic sales operations

Sales operations is the beating heart of the most successful sales teams. Their role in the best performing companies though is way more than a reporting function – they are responsible for enabling transformation and lifting the sales capability of the team.

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