CallPlan Guide

CallPlan is a simple Salesforce tool to help sales people to better plan those critical customer meetings and key tasks.

This is the page containing the user and installation guides

User Guide

CallPlan is really simple to use because it is simply a set of fields on the standard Salesforce task and event pages. 

If you use DealSheet for managing opportunities or AccountPlan for account management you will easily create tasks and events in the applications. CallPlan works independantly of each of these and can be used as a stand alone item to better plan those vital meetings. 



Tasks are used to track key actions related to your sales activity. 

When you create a new task some added fields are added to the bottom of the task page to help you to think about your objective for this particular activity.

Below you can see an example of the page layout, although it is worth mentioning that your page may differ slightly. 


Calander Events

Events are used to track those key customer meetings. 

Creating a new event is simple from calendar or the home page. When you do so additional fields are shown at the bottom of the event page. These are strucutred into preparation fields related to the following

  • attendees
  • pre-meeting planning
  • In meeting content
  • post-meeting review of success and plan next steps

Below you can see an example of the page layout in both classic and lighning views, although it is worth mentioning that your page may differ slightly. 


Installation Guide for CallPlan

CallPlan installation is simple.

Install the package

Either from the appexchange or direct link the process is the same. Click ‘Get it Now’ or paste the link to the admin bar when in the org you would like to install CallPlan into.

Select Install for all users.



After a short while installation will complete and you may have used the link on the page to get to this one.



We include two page layouts as well as a number of custom fieldsasshownbelow. Of course as an unmanaged package you can change these as needed.


Should you want to use the page layouts we offer then simply enter the task/event object and assign page layouts to the profiles you wish to have access. Simple. 


That’s it. Your done and good luck.

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