The summary page provides you with a high level snapshot for the account. In this section:

  • Summarise the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for the account (SWOT)
  • Review the Goals for the account
  • Add free text notes


Summary SWOT


As you have completed the account assessment phase of planning, you have added things to the SWOT by selecting Strength, weakness, opportunity or threat at the appropriate point. You also categorised your Goals so they could build on the assessment and focus your strategic priorities.

This information is displayed in the summary SWOT and this can be used to provide an overview of your assessment and how they relate to your account strategy.

An example of the SWOT is shown below.




Sometimes you have information you want to add to your account plan, but you can’t figure out where to put it.  Now you do. 

With notepad this is a free text field where you can add rich text content and hyperlinks to other pages in or outside your company.

An example of the notepad page, in editing mode is shown below.


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