Before we get started with using the various sections in AccountPlan, in this section we share the overall structure.

AccountPlan structure


We use a simple 4 step process for Account Management – Assess, plan, do, review.

Step 1 is Assess – it is here where you take time to understand your customer’s world and the positioning of your company in the context of this.

Step 2 is Plan – based on the assessment activity you then develop some goals for future focused action. what must you do to advance this account and support your effort to deliver growth?

Step 3 is Do – a plan without action is of little value. Execution of a well built plan is where the best teams outperform the rest.

Step 4 is Review – taking a step back and looking at the overall picture is important, particularly when communicating with your team and with management.

We show this approach below and the associated pages that are in each section. Refer to the user guide for more information to help you on each section as required.


Please be aware that in some situations your company may have customised the view of account plans so not all of these sections will be shown in your plans. For further information please contact your administrator. 


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