Measurement of account management success and being able to compare the performance of accounts in your portfolio is easier with some objective Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Here you will:

  • get to know the sources of the KPI’s used in AccountPlan header
  • get access to our guide to Account Management KPI’s



AccountPlan uses a number of objective KPI’s in the header. These numbers are calculated using the inputs you make across the Assess and Plan steps in Account planning.

The header bar looks like this:

On here you have 6 KPI’s and below we outline what they are, how they are calculated and the implications of high and low scores for each.

 Please be aware that in some situations your company may have customised the view of account plans and the associated KPI’s. In this situation not all KPI’s will be shown on a page. If you are unsure please discuss this with your administrator. 

Account Management KPI’s


We have a guide to ten key performance indicators for account management. This is a pdf and might prove useful for you to understand why these KPI’s are valuable in improving performance.

We will send you a copy, enter your details here and we’ll send a copy to your inbox.


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