A key step in the assessment is to understand the overall strength of the relationship between your company and this customer. This helps you identify key risks and to do this capture the status of your relationship against defined questions important to your success as a company.

In this section you will understand the structure and approach used to assessing account health. From this identify key STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES related to your position.

Account Health structure


The Account Health section comprises a number of multiple choice questions. Each of them is a key measure of the health of your relationship. Taken together your answers calculate the Account Health KPI.

You should select one of the four possible answers for each question, picking the closest answer to the current position for you with this customer.

Selecting an answer will update the RAG (Red-Amber-Green) indicator at the end of the question. Hover over the Colour bar to see the basic coaching feedback for your position. Use this to plan your next step activities with the account.

Add brief notes to support your answer in the notes box on the page.

You can check the Strength or Weakness box to add this question name to the SWOT analysis. Select this only for those items that are important positive or negative influences on the relationship.

You can see an example of the Account Health page below.


Example questions


Your company will define the questions that are relevant for each account type and they are shown in the Account Health section. It is possible that they may include some of the example questions below and they are listed to provide some examples.


IDEAL CUSTOMERHow aligned is this account with our ideal customer profile?
PORTFOLIO FITHow well does our capability meet the needs of this account?
VALUE PROPOSITIONDo this account understand and buy in to our value proposition for them?
SUPPLIER STATUSHow does the account currently view our supplier and relationship status?
MUTUAL TRUSTWhat is the current level of trust with this account?
RISKWhat is the risk profile of doing business with this customer? (credit, payment, delivery, relationship)
CONTRACTINGHow simple is our route to contracting with this account?
STRATEGIC VALUEWhat is the strategic value of this account to our company? Reference value?
GOVERNANCEWhat level of governance exists at executive and operational levels across both companies?
EXECUTIVE CONTACTHow involved are our executive team members with this account?
SERVICE PERFORMANCEHow does this account perceive our service delivery performance?
PROCUREMENT STRATEGYHow deeply do you understand the buying process and are we aligned to is?
MARKETINGWhat level of support do you get from account contacts for our marketing activities? (attending, participating, responding)
REVENUE TRENDWhat is the revenue trend for this account?
CUSTOMER SATISFACTIONHow does this account rate their level of overall satisfaction with our company?
COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPEHow do you compare to other competitors in the account?
NET PROMOTER SCOREWhat is our current account level NPS score?





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