This is where your planning focus turns to tangible actions that advance your position with this customer. After all, a plan without execution is not going to help you get to your number!

In this section:

  • See activity views 
  • Add and edit tasks and events

Activity page views

See your activity in four custom views. For both tasks and events there is a list view and a Kanban (cards) view.

Each view shows standard Salesforce tasks and events that have a due date inside the planning year. So if you are in 2018 it will show only 2018 activity. Any activities added for a different planning year will be added to this account plan.

You can view your tasks and events as a simple list (Events shown below)

Or if you prefer to use a Kanban/Card view this is possible for both (tasks shown below). This will show the quarterly task/event list against a timeline split by quarter in the financial year.


If you want to move a task or event from one column to another (say from Q2 to Q3) you can drag and drop this into the new column. To maintain the date you will be asked to enter the new ‘Due Date’ information as shown below.


Add new


You can add a standard Salesforce tasks or events and relate them to the account. This allows you to keep track of your activity in relation to your goals and the plan.

To add a new task or event, you can do so from the New Task/New Event button in the header as shown below.

You will then complete a standard task or event form to create a new activity. Be sure to relate the task or event to one of your goals (search your goals in related goals and select one) .



When you have added a new task and event: Salesforce will take you to this page (Standard Salesforce functionality). To return to AccountPlan press page back in your browser and this will allow you to continue with your plan.


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