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Opportunity Management Research Infographic

We developed this Opportunity Management Research Infographic to help you see the potential you can unlock in your company.

Acquiring new contracts in the face of ever stiffening competition is a key driver of growth. At Outside In, we believe that one of the greatest success factors in B2B sales performance is how you manage your opportunity pipeline. We wanted to gather evidence to prove [or disprove] this belief.

We were intrigued by what made the best performers, the best performers? What was it that set them apart from the average company? We wanted to explore what they did differently, more and less than the rest.

In 2015, Outside In undertook detailed research to understand how the best B2B organisations manage opportunities. We researched small businesses through large enterprise with one purpose, to identify best practice in relation to opportunity and pipeline management.

The ‘Best’ performers set the standard for the ‘rest’. Our analysis of the research findings shows a group of respondents, we have called the ‘best’. This represented 18% of all respondents. We found that these companies outperformed the ‘rest’ in growth over a two year period.

  • The best performing companies achieve more
  • They win more, they win faster and they were more predictable.
  • They were better able to control pipeline slippage.

Opportunity management research infographic, download a copy in pdf format?

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