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Recently the Aberdeen Group published some research titled “Sales Intelligence: What B2B Sellers Need to Know Before the Call,”.

They spoke to buyers in 215 companies (b2b)  and captured from them the key requirements they have when engaging with a sales team. It makes interesting reading and seems to reinforce some of the key issues identified in our B2B buying process.

So here goes, the top 5!


The relationship between the sales representative and the prospect/customer is way out in front at 72% . For those who thought that the need for relationships was dead, think again. That said, the challenger sale theories press for value creation in the relationship and not just social; the need to shape the thinking of the buyer and influence the Why Buy? stage of the b2b buying process.


Having a demonstrated success in similar engagements came in at 32%. This is about de-risking the procurement decision in the Why you? stage of the b2b buying process.


At 30% it is still relevant and it is critical that your offer is in the competitive ballpark. Once there use #1 and #2 to close in your favour.


The reputation of the company you represent was mentioned by 22% of respondents. Again, this is about risk and demonstrating that you are a safe pair of hands for the buyer professionally and personally.


The technical superiority of products came in at #5 with 12% of respondents mentioning this. The key here is a clear offer and clear differentiation in the marketplace. This relates to the Solution stage of the b2b buying process. It is here that the sales teams can influence the buyers toward their points of difference.

How does this relate to your view of buyers? anything to add below?


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