How do you manage performance in sales and marketing? Specifically, how to approach and plan for success?

Effective and disciplined sales management (based on a consistently applied performance framework) is absolutely essential for those seeking to raise the bar on results. The role of a sales manager must be that of performance coach, focusing the discussions on a few key activities, namely;

  • define explicit expectations – these should include the basic expectations held in the individuals job description plus clear targets associated with the role and finally any behavioural expectations
  • identify and agree performance gaps – focus on how they can improve their performance?
  • pro-actively manage  performance improvement using a clear performance plan
  • review regularly progress against this plan.

A few questions for you to consider.

  • To what extent would your sales people agree that they have clearly agreed expectations of their performance?
  • How well defined are the competencies required for success? (both the technical role requirements and  behavioural expectations)
  • How SMART are individuals objectives?
  • How effectively do your review discussions increase an individuals  awareness of their own current performance?
  • How accessible are the options available for development? (both formal training and informal experiences?)
  • To what extent do individuals take responsibility for the actions defined in their performance plan?
  • How well would you say managers are supported with the tools to help them manage performance? Do the right skills exist in managers?

How are you doing? please contact us to discuss further if we can help you to improve sales performance.



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