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Investment Case Development

“We are now so much more confident of the potential for this service and Outside In were able to accelerate the whole process for us”

Operations Director

We accelerated the decision making process and allowed for faster time to market at lower risk

Our focused activity meant that the decision could be accelerated and time to market reduced by 3 months. This was important to the client as it helped them to steal a march on potential competitors in the market and do so at minimal risk.



We identified potential customers and engaged with them to capture value perception and key requirements.

A division within a $1bn security services company were looking to launch a new product to market. They needed help.

We were asked to help with market research and prepare supporting information for the investment case needed to raise development funds. At their product investment review they needed to understand the dynamics of the market and the level of acceptance they might expect on launch.


“Outside In were able to accelerate the whole process for us.”

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