knowledge shareA stage 2 buyer in a typical b2b buying process is focused on how their company will overcome the problem identified in the early stages of buying.

With a lot of people involved in the buying process, stage 2 buyers want to reach consensus in the right way to solve the problem identified in stage 1. This can be tough, and buying teams can be locked in discussions about whether (for example) to use a new process, software, training or other approach. Differences of opinion here mean complexity and a salesperson can help to clarify things, but only if they engage in the right way.

Help them to find the best approach and share know-how

The goal of the buying team at stage 2 is to assess the various options they have, then deciding which of the potential solutions best meets their requirement. This ‘solution’ stage then lays out the procurement strategy (criteria, process , team etc.) that they will use to buy their chosen solution.

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How can you (as a salesperson) engage more effectively at this stage of the process? 

Stage 2 sales tools

Buyers would value your help to understand, assess and evaluate the right way forward for their company. Of course, you want to influence them towards your solution too. B2b buyers value the following information at this solution stage in the buying process:

  • Comparison information – how your solution compares to others available, both direct competitors and substitute options
  • Buyers guides – helpful advice and key considerations for implementing a new solution like the one they are considering. How can you help them to know what is needed for success. (see an example here)
  • Copy RFPs – examples of documents used by others to buy similar solutions (maybe including some specific differentiation for your solution?)

How are you helping your buyers build a case for change for the project?

Good selling.

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