A stage 1 buyer in a typical b2b buying process is focused on why their company should change from their current ‘steady state’. Why buy?

Research highlights the consultative nature of this stage in the buying process. Typically this stage in the process involves buyers, users, trusted experts and sometimes suppliers.

Reach consensus on why change

The buying team’s goal is to reach consensus on a reason to change, and to quantify the potential for value creation if they do. They want to decide whether this problem is more important than other ones they could solve.

How can you as a sales person engage more helpfully? We have found that using the right tools can help at stage 1. What are these? (clue: these are not product related so put your data sheet down)

Stage 1 toolsbusiness case

B2B buyers value the following information at this stage in the buying process.

  • Information that helps them to identify, quantify and scope their problem (do you have compelling insights that helps them to see their business in a new way? Do you have data from benchmarks, research, comparisons, ROI quantification tools and the like?)
  • Showing them how other companies have addressed a similar situation (can you provide them with stories of other customers and how they have approached tackling this issue?)
  • Help them be more confident that fixing this issue is both possible and worthwhile (examples of quantified and other intangible benefits they might expect alongside reassuring testimonials to put their mind at rest and minimise perceived risks.)

How are you helping your buyers build a case for change for the project?

Good selling.

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