influenceFront line sales managers are pivotal to a company’s success, but are they ready, willing and able to manage performance? In recent messages I have highlighted the very real issue of trying to manage with outcomes, why focusing on the key performance indicators aligned to “stuff we actually do” is way more important.

A key test for you to do today involves stopping the hamster wheel for a moment, and creating a few minutes of time where you can think about something. Ready, great!

Think today about your ability to influence the metrics in your scorecard. Are you able to directly impact (through stuff you do or get your team to do) the direction in which each metric is headed – positively or negatively? Do your actions at least have a chance of moving the dial in your goals?

Think today about your ability to influence the metrics in your scorecard. Click To Tweet

Some of you will answer ‘yes’ – that’s brilliant. Others are more likely to be in the camp of ‘sometimes’ or even ‘no’. For you guys (which is very common) today’s message is all about prioritising your attention.

A simple rule :

  1. If a metric is within your sphere of influence (where you have control of the resources and are able to manage the activities that relate to performance) then you should focus your efforts here. This has a chance of improving performance.
  2. For other activities, where actions do not directly influence results, my advice is ‘don’t sweat it’. Let it go and concentrate on #1. (Of course this is likely an outcome measure to be aware of the trend line, but focus activities, cycles, effort etc on tangible things).
A simple rule : If a metric is within your sphere of influence, focus efforts here. Click To Tweet

After all, it doesn’t matter how many times you look at the sales revenue shortfall, hoping it will increase, nothing is going to change unless you do something to effect it.

Hopefully this is a good reminder of how to prioritise the stuff piling up in your inbox.

Good selling

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