Big-journeys-small-stepsTo focus a sales review, focus on things that can be done, achieved or progressed. If you improve the things you can control this will improve results.

I enjoy cycling. I’m not great at it but I enjoy it. I look at my average times after each ride to see how I have done. It would be easy to get drawn into the analysis of my average speed and total ride time on a ride, but this would do little to help me improve my performance.

I know that I must manage the stuff I do in the ride, I can’t manage the result at the end.

I can’t control average time, but I can control other things to help me reduce this. During a ride I can alter the cadence of my pedal stroke, reduce my [+bike] total weight, change my gearing, improve my aerodynamic position and so on. By doing these, things that are proven best practice, I can impact the result I achieve.

I know that I must manage the stuff I do in the ride, I can't manage the result at the end. Click To Tweet

The same is true too for sales management.

Here it is important to focus a sales review on the key activities that can improve results, rather than looking back on past data wondering why results don’t change.

So, for opportunity and pipeline management, what are the fundamentals of good performance? What are the right things to actually ‘do’ to have a positive impact? Your list is likely to include some of the following actions:

  • Identify and engage the right new customers.
  • Increase the number of effective sales calls made per week/month etc.
  • Develop the right strategy to focus prospecting.
  • Identify and engage with new prospects.
  • Complete a structured assessment of an opportunity (using DealSheet or similar).
  • Progress defined ‘playbook’ actions that are known to advance a deal through sales stages.
  • Get a prospects agreement that they have compelling business case.
  • Use structured reviews to make positive bid/no-bid decisions.
  • Submit a new proposal to a qualified prospect.

Are you measuring and advancing best-practice activities? Or are you looking back at average ride time wondering why things don’t improve? To focus a sales review, think about your core activities today.

Good selling

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