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A final stage buyer, one towards the end of a typical b2b buying process has one overriding concern. Supplier risk.supplier risk

The buying team have decided by now why they need to and what they will buy. They will likely have a few possible suppliers who can provide their chosen solution, and now they need to decide who to work with. They need answers to the question, why you?

As a salesperson you must forget about your product (again), they already know your solution is fit for purpose. The buyer’s interest is in the experience they will receive working with you, and why this is different and better than the experience of working with your competitors.

Help them to understand why your company, and yourself personally, are a safe choice.

Final stage sales tools

Buyers want to be reassured. They want to know that if they choose you and your company to work with it’s not going to come back and bite them in the a**e. So what can you do to help with this, and in the process, de-risk your company at the same time:

  • Case studies and testimonials – examples of your work with other, similar, companies. How did you help them to implement and get value from this new approach? Show them you can be trusted to deliver and that they will enjoy the process of working with you.
  • Customer success plan – how will you engage from start to finish? How can they use your know-how to accelerate time to value?
  • Be easy to do business with – be open and make it easy for the buyer to procure from you. I don’t mean roll over on key points but make yourself easy to work with.

Think about how you are providing more than generic company information at this late stage. Sure the number of sites, lorries or engineers you have is helpful…but it is not going to be enough to appeal to the emotional side of the buyer, and how they will feel about working with you.

Do you have this covered?

Good selling.

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