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A new year brings new starts and for some a real hope that this year something will change. Something will drive greater success, greater growth, a step change in the way “they’ve always done it”. However for some 2017 won’t be any different. Sometimes change is too big a word. It’s too scary. Change to what? some ask. How? Where are we going? Indeed, where should we be going? What do the best do? And how could we ever get there?

It’s not uncommon. Many B2B companies are struggling to compete, continuing to see competitors join their world with similar or even the same offerings that are faster, cheaper, smarter or just saying that they are all those things.

So how do you differentiate in 2017? How will you grow this year? How will you change, do something different and compete? Things are unlikely to go back to the “good old days”.

Future winners implement change. Often the change is simple process alterations. It could well be people changes. Sometimes it’s the proposition(s) that need a refresh or rethink entirely. And what about the goal? Have you been heading in the right direction and is everyone aware of the path you’ve been trying to follow?

At Outside In Sales & Marketing we help B2B sales and marketing teams to change, to build a powerful growth engine, one that can more predictably deliver higher levels of sales and marketing performance.

We’re helping those companies that need to change but:

  • don’t know what to do because they don’t have the experience
  • don’t know the priority areas and where to get best return on effort
  • don’t know how to sustain improvement through an effective approach to change.

We have decades of experience in B2B sales improvement. In 2017 we hope our Growth BluePrint will help you identify and focus your improvement initiatives. Built on four core themes – purpose, proposition, people and process, together it provides the core components of a winning growth engine. Because we believe there is a better way of selling.

Join us online on 9th February to hear more about our Growth BluePrint and see how you can start 2017 with growth in your plan.

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