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Our Discovery process covers ten core ‘conversations’. When we say conversations they are more fundamental topics that are explored in detail rather than 10 short, singular conversations. In the diagram below you can see the key elements.

Why these areas? We focus on these areas because they represent the building blocks of excellent sales performance. Get each of them right, and balance the interdependencies between each of them and your sales team will deliver amazing results.

Working around the wheel the focus of each is given below;

YOUR WORLD – what is the environment in which you have to perform. Key challenges, expectations and plans associated with your sales strategy.

TARGET CUSTOMERS & NEEDS – do you really understand your specific target customers and what they value?

VALUE PROPOSITION – is your offer compelling?

STRUCTURE & ROLES–¬† do you have the right people in the right roles to deliver your plans?

MANAGING PERFORMANCE – how well do you manage the performance of individuals and the team?

SKILLS – do you have the right capabilities and behaviours for success

CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT – how effectively do you engage the marketplace? Do you have a sales and/or account management focus?

PROCESS – is your process disciplined, clear and focused on delivering the outcomes you seek?

CONTINUED DEVELOPMENT – do you have a clear plan to improve in the future, sharing good practice and knowledge?

RESULTS – what are your results and do they meet expectations in relation to the right KPI’s for you?

This process is bespoke for individual organisations but we have accumulated a great deal of benchmark information in our work. We can share our experience, show good practice  and plan your journey towards improved results.

Get in touch if you think our structured assessment of your sales performance would help you to identify priorities and improve performance.



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