cxaxnIn this Sales :60 message I wanted to summarise some of my recent blog posts related to improving people performance in sales.

The Sales Performance equation will help you to understand the relationship between each fundamental aspect of an individual’s performance. This equation is pivotal in the overall YOU CAN GROW model for improving sales performance.

Sales performance equation = Capability x Activity x iNspiration

Capability is a core element of the sales performance equation, and relates to whether individuals have what it takes in terms of skills and behaviours to succeed.

Activity is about what you do, and making sure that you are doing the right things. It is a simple fact when it comes to sales and sales management, you need to focus your effort on controlling the controllables. And this means stuff you DO not the results of this work (you cannot control or ‘manage’ revenue, growth, market share or anything else that is an outcome of sales activities.)

iNspiration is about an individual’s motivation. As a sales manager you can use 7 ‘levers’ to improve motivation in your team. We will be sharing more about this on Thursday this week in our webinar.

In the sales performance equation, each element in turn is important. But this is a multiplier equation, so if you fail in one area it drags down the overall performance. Get things right in each area and sales team performance will increase significantly.

See the collection of messages here where you can read/watch more about each key element.

Also, you can still register and attend our 30 minute Webinar on Thursday 10th November – register here for ‘The 7 habits of motivational B2B sales managers’.

Good selling.

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