We know instinctively that we need to qualify our pipeline for best results. After all you cannot chase every deal with the same level of rigour and discipline. A systematic way to choose where to invest time and energy has been shown to be a key differentiator of high performing sales teams. Our study in 2010 showed that twice as many high performance sales organisations believed they made disciplined in bid/no-bid decisions. This is supported by the Sales Best Practices (2012) from Miller Heimann.

They found that 91% of world class organisations consistently follow a standardized process to qualify opportunities. This compared to only 39% of the rest shows a startling difference.

The net result is that Deal qualification best practice means you have a strucured and systematic approach to managing your opportunities. Many approaches exist and for Salesforce and Microsoft CRM users we have our DealSheet application that simplifies opportunity management. This is highly affordable and we would love to show you how it can help you improve your sales process. Get in touch here to discuss things further.








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