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Do you need to manage and win opportunities that are complex, large and with long sales cycles? 

This course will help you to understand how to manage opportunities better, and win more consistently.

Learn from good practise on managing Business to Business (B2B) sales opportunities.

In deals such as this, it is important to work on the best deals only, leaving unwinnable deals to one side. After all, we know that the best performers win 19% more often, and yet they work on 35% fewer deals.

The course can be accessed for a year from registration. It helps you explore what to assess, plan and do when managing deals. Taken together these things will improve your chances of success. At the end of the course receive a certificate of completion.

At times throughout this course, we will use and refer to our Salesforce application (DealSheet) as a means of illustrating some of the key points, but non-users of DealSheet will get as much value with non-CRM based activities and exercises.





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