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Where are you on the journey to sales excellence?

Companies are investing significant effort and funds to improve sales performance. Growth is a strategic issue, competitive advantage the concern and taking market share a key measure of success.

We see that shareholders and CEO’s are increasingly concerned that investments in sales & marketing performance are not delivering the expected results. Sound familiar?

For some the answer lies in poor execution of a great plan.

Others have done an amazing job, unfortunately it has been to solve the wrong problems really well.

In both cases the outcome is that results are not improving in line with expectations.

Are your performance initiatives failing because of poor execution or is it that you are not fixing the right problems? 



Your results are below expectations, but you don’t know the reasons WHY. You need answers .


You know why change is important, but you don’t know WHAT needs to be done to make things better.


You have developed a plan for change, but you are unsure about HOW to implement this successfully.


You made some changes, but you’re struggling to make the changes stick and things are going back to old habits. 

Step 1 – Assess where you are.

Do you want to grow? First, be sure to identify the right problems to solve

Until you know your key strengths and weaknesses, you are unable to make the right changes. There are too many companies investing huge effort to solve the wrong problems in their sales teams.

We have a range of assessments that can provide you with the data required to make better decisions.

Step 2 – Plan the changes required

I know why we are struggling, but I am not sure WHAT to do to improve.

Armed with detailed assessment insights, you can prioritise the most important problems to solve.

TALENT : Define the core competencies for each of your core roles. Identify where the gaps are and plan the talent strategy in order to plug these holes.

GTM :  Prepare a detailed plan that addresses your Go To Market challenges. Consider improvements needed to the sales process, sales management process, governance, tools and the alignment with marketing teams.

In a key stakeholder workshop, you can get the whole team engaged in the plan required to improve performance. 

Step 3 – Improve performance

If you know what needs fixing, do you know HOW to approach this for the greatest impact? 

To implement change successfully, you must focus and enable your team to overcome resistance. Use your set of priorities to focus the whole team on effective change initiatives.

TALENT :   Sales teams are where you differentiate your business or lose. They need to be consultative, understand the customer’s world, articulate your value and differentiate your company in competitive markets. Sales managers are your most important change agents, but they often have too many conflicting priorities to invest time in coaching the new behaviours you seek. Develop the skills your team need to succeed today of improvement initiatives will fail.

GTMSales Process improvements and the development of value messaging are all core components of successful change initiatives for sales teams.

Do you have the change skills to reduce the risk of change and accelerate results?

Do you posses the experience to manage sales transformation risk?

Outside In were able to accelerate our adoption of the core building blocks for sales performance.


Managing Director, UK, G4S

According to the Harvard Business Review and McKinsey & Co research, as many as 70 percent of all change initiatives fail. 

Why? It’s not often a lack of effort, or lack of thought that causes failure. Often projects fail because they are completed in a way that failed to sustain improvements going forward. 

You can reduce the risk of a failed initiative by adding sales transformation experience to your team. Use the ‘hard knocks’ experience of other companies in your situation and learn from their failures and successes. Take experiences to inform your decision making on the sales transformation project. 

Shorten the time it takes you to deliver your improvements, and lower the risk of not landing this initiative first time. Win, win.

Step 4 – Maintain performance.

You need improvements to stick, or what’s the point. 

There is little point in going through the pain of change if your successes are short-lived.

TALENT : ​When your sales talent strategy is not enabling your people to improve and maintain higher levels of performance, your front line resources can fail to deliver.

GTM:  Sales and sales management processes that are not clearly defined and embedded into the business activities, will fail to deliver the consistency, predictability and insights you need to improve sales effectiveness.

Implement sales process solutions and sales talent solutions into your company.  This joined-up approach to sales enablement will deliver the improvements you seek.

How will you reinforce and embed the changes into business as usual activities and make them stick?

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