According to the authors of the Challenger Sale the one thing you can do to smash your quota and crush the competition is to turn your organisation into a teaching organisation (more here)

New buyers are much better informed and they seek more than product information. They expect more than a product pitch and a bit of a discount. They expect you to help them to grow, improve profitability, control costs and deliver their strategic goals. They look to sales people to provide insight they didn’t previously have and value relationships with people who can help them understand, navigate and win in their their complex world. In challenger speak, today’s customers want to be taught.

High Performers create “constructive tension” with their clients and do not merely seek to do everything asked of them. Yes it is good to be responsive and supportive of your clients but that is not enough to create true value.

Dixon and Adamson believe a Challenger is  “defined by the ability to do three things—teach, tailor, and take control—and to do this in the context of creative tension.”


The Challenger approach:

Teaches: “The thing that really sets Challenger reps apart is their ability to teach customers something new and valuable about how to compete in their market.”  Offering a new and fresh perspective based on good insight.

Tailor: “the ability to tailor the teaching message to different types of customers—as well as to different individuals within the customer organization—is what makes the pitch resonate with the customer”. Using an excellent understanding of the clients environment and how this impacts their organisation coupled with a demonstration of how you can specifically help them to deliver their individual and organisational goals is at the core of being able to tailor your campaign.

Take Control: Taking and maintaining control over the sales process “ is all about the rep’s ability and willingness to stand their ground when the customer begins to push back.”


OISM Discussions approach

Our Discussions approach focuses on building conversations with clients. The process is focused on tailoring the message and supporting the sales team in having teaching conversations.

Using the Discussions Messaging Framework we help to centrally develop a messaging approach which can then be tailored by individuals for their specific customers.

Sales teams are supported using our Discussions Planning Workshop to help refine and apply the messaging framework to their specific customers and plan their engagement strategy to win.

If we can help you to apply the principles of Challenger Selling through the use of our Discussions approach please do get in touch.

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