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Deal Qualification approach development for global services company

“Finally we have a common approach in our business to opportunity qualification”

VP Sales

Better win rates and deal governance, reduced costs and tighter alignment of goals.

The BID to WIN ratio doubled over the initial 12 months of deployment.

Bid Costs reduced by 34% as opportunities were successfully qualified out.

The sales team used a common lexicon for opportunity reviews and this improved the alignment top to bottom throughout the organisation. All involved in the process were more able to engage with less effort.



A consistent approach to qualification was deployed and integrated into the sales process.

This global services organisation was working with a number of complex multi-million £ opportunities. Each of their 20+ divisions qualified differently and the senior leadership struggled to consistently predict results.

With a win rate below 30% and bid costs for large opportunities regularly exceededing £100,000 per bid it was important to control better where the resources of the business were spent.


“Finally we have a common approach in our business to opportunity qualification”

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