Since the first of our new marketing campaign went out a few weeks ago, focused on how sales managers can better manage and motivate their team, I have had quite a few messages.

Many have been on the same subject. “Thanks for the model, like it”, “Neat framework” and other similar messages. I guess they have been able to see how it provides a starting point for development conversations.

For a long time I have committed to the development of the people in my team, I take it seriously and it is good that this simple approach has been well received.

We call it the YOU CAN GROW model. You can use this as a simple starting point from which to develop your own approach if you would prefer, or use as is. If you have not seen it yet YOU CAN GROW is….

YOU      > focus on an individual and raising their performance

CAN      > a simple sales performance equation C x A x N (check out here what this means)

GROW  > how to approach a coaching dialogue.

We are still part way through the programmes check it out this weekend and see how the templates could be used to help you think about developing your team.

Check out the video for this simple approach and subsequent messages here.

Good selling

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