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Businesses are under constant pressure to fill the top of the funnel, but momentum can be lost as leads turn to opportunities. Sales and Marketing teams in the best companies work together to engage customers with timely, relevant content that accelerates their buying process. Attend this webinar to learn how intelligently using content mid-funnel and understanding your customers ‘digital body language’ affects the velocity of your pipeline.  

How to significantly improve your the win rate and forecast predictably.

Martin Willard, Managing Director Adastral Group
With average B2B win rates at 41% (meaning some are way less) sales teams can spend a lot of time losing. Is this you? Attend this webinar to learn how to significantly improve your win rate, build greater forecast confidence and enhance your professional reputation.

How to successfully develop sales capability in 20 minute chunks.

Lorna Leck, Managing Director, Sales Activator
Within one hour, people will have forgotten an average of 50 percent of training material, 70% in 24 hours and 90% within a week. You need to reinforce this and find new ways to help sales professionals to develop. ‘Micro-learning’ options can help you develop sales capability in a more sustainable way. Attend this webinar to find out why this is an effective approach and get top tips on making this a success.

How to have a first call conversation that creates opportunity

Tony Goodchild, Managing Director,  SalesPitchPro
How often have you had a first meeting with a new prospect but then struggled to make an advancement? A key focus of the first conversation is good discovery and then to position your value. Attend this webinar to hear some amazing tips on how to approach, structure and deliver a more effective first call.

How to master the secrets of great b2b Account planning

Steve Hoyle, Principal,  Links Development
Most B2B companies have a set of key accounts that represent a high proportion of their revenues and profits. Planning an effective account strategy is a core discipline of B2B sales teams that win more often. But account planning is more than just a template, technology or annual workshop. Attend this webinar to hear about how the best teams do it through the experiences of an expert in account planning.

How to win using LinkedIn to power social selling

Tom Mallens, Social Sales Specialist at Sandler Training
Lots of people say you need to be better at social selling, but maybe you are not sure how to do this successfully. For many B2B sales professionals the use of Linkedin offers so much untapped (yet unrealised) potential . Attend this webinar to hear from a true Guru of Linkedin for B2B selling success. Learn some top tips on how to master the use of Linkedin to help you engage and develop relationships with potential customers.

How to win at B2B sales prospecting in the modern world

Steve Burton, The Point Company and UK’s Sales trainer of the year, 2016 and 2017
Growing your business and delivering quota usually requires that you find new customers for your offer. For many sales professionals this means prospecting but there is so much debate on whether to use cold calling, emails, social and/or events. Attend this webinar to cut through the noise – hear how to do this from an award winning expert. Learn how to approach prospecting like the professionals and make a difference to your sales results.

How to create a compelling value proposition that sells.

Dr. Simon Kelly, Co-author of Value-ology
Building value proposition messaging is a team effort for sales and marketing teams. A good value proposition will help you to create opportunity and a weak one will leave you struggling to engage prospects. Attend this webinar to hear how to address this challenge using a bit of “Value-ology” to help.

How the sales operations strategy has accelerated sales excellence and enablement at Inmarsat Aviation.

Kieran Hawkes, Inmarsat Aviation and Nancy Nardin, Smart Selling Tools
Not a 5,4,3,2,1 structured webinar but a panel discussion between Nancy Nardin (worldwide Sales Tech guru) and Kieran Hawkes (Sales Operations Director), followed by some information from us at Outside In.
The sales operations strategy for Inmarsat Aviation is focused on establishing the fundamental building blocks of high performance selling. Building a strategic and data driven view of key accounts, opportunities and sales velocity has helped to accelerate results.
Inmarsat use two ‘Top Sales Tools of 2018‘, as recognised by Smart Selling Tools, to help them achieve success. AccountPlan and DealSheet from Outside In are used to embed a new, flexible approach into the business process.
Attend this webinar to hear how the sales operations team at Inmarsat Aviation have approached some common  B2B sales challenges, and also see how the tools from Outside In can be used to accelerate improvement in account and opportunity management.

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