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Maxwell Wessel makes some great points in this article and the subsequent two parts of the series. We have experienced similar issues when working with clients of ours on offer/proposition development projects.


The sales teams and senior managers NEED innovation in the client offer. This is necessary to remain competitive against their competitors, often smaller innovative businesses who are able to demonstrate far greater speed. they bring things to market in weeks and months where as the larger organisations may take many more months and years to develop similar capabilities.

The issue we think lies with three factors.

  • Lack of customer empathy
  • Internal complexity
  • Risk-averseness to change

The suggestion to break out innovation activities into stand alone teams can work really well, and this has been successfully done by a number of tech businesses already. This though is not always possible for the development of new propositions that are not perhaps stand alone business units but extensions of the existing portfolio.

The answer may lie in splitting out innovation teams as suggested with different goals, measures, resources and skills. With the right team focused on delivering and “outside-in” perspective to the new proposition it is possible to get it right first time and speed up the time to market.

But, will big corporates take a chance on this? do they have the right people? We are always around to help if




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